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Kathleen Sullivan - Postpartum Doula and Baby Nurse

A postpartum doula (also known as an infant specialist, formerly a baby nurse) is a non-judgmental woman with a quiet presence in your home giving emotional and practical support for breastfeeding and critical early care along with practical newborn care tips that helps ease your transition into motherhood.

After the baby is born, most new mothers and fathers appreciate the support of other women. Many of our new grandmothers and extended family members are not always available to help, and even if they are available many do not have sufficient breastfeeding experience to support a nursing mother.

Do you find yourself googling things in the middle of the night and finding yourself very frustrated with so many conflicting answers? If you hire me as your consultant, I am available via phone and text to answer all those questions!

I have hundreds of happy first time parents because they get the answers they need!

I am available to new parents in Southern California in both Los Angeles and Orange County, and am willing to travel when necessary. Learn more about the postpartum doula, baby nurse, night nurse services that I offer.

My schedule is often fully booked, due to my many years of experience and continuous referrals from clients. If I already have a commitment when your new one is to arrive, allow me to consult with you and recommend the perfect postpartum doula or infant care specialist to meet your specific needs.

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Newborn Nirvana: Creating Bliss With Your New Baby

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Offering New Parent Consultations:
Let me come to your home in the first month of bringing your baby home and guide you through those difficult first weeks.

I will cover:
Breastfeeding, fussiness, sleep, swaddling, bath, and baby's routine -- just to name a few! I can answer the many difficult questions that all new parents have. You'll breathe a sigh of relief each time I'm there to show you how simple and natural newborn care can be.


Finding Balance

There are so many paradoxes in parenting

that it is difficult to find balance.

Some don't even try. / They just plunge ahead

ignoring the subtle whispers of wisdom. / Others try half-heartedly,

but resort to old methods / when they get confused.

But some hear wisdom's quiet voice / and make it their own.

They find strength in softness / power in flexibility / perfection in mistakes

success in failure / clarity in confusion / and love in letting go

- The Parent's Tao Te Ching
by William Martin